The Drugs…. THE DRUGS!!!

Let us put the drugs in perspective here.  There are three categories I see as the end user of these drugs:  

1. Drugs to treat the cancer.   

2. Drugs to counter the side effects every day.   

3. Drugs to counter the side effects on an as-needed basis.   

Candidly, beer, wine, and coffee was my greatest “drug” consumption before Diagnosis Day: June 4th.  Yep… been Cold Turkey since then!!! Ask my Wendy and she’ll tell you that I was not drinking a lot of beer and wine, and that I was doing 2-3 cups of coffee a day at home.  Bad ass rock & roll drummer, right?

I lean more toward holistic principles and healthy food and drink habits, but I am not the super-hard-core-everybody-else-is-wrong-guy about it all.  I do what is best for me as I see fit and leave others to take care of themselves as they fit. This is the mindset I maintained on Diag Day. Let see how much this mindset has been tested since then.  Here is the list in the three categories mentioned earlier.


CHEMOTHERAPY - Cancer Treatment

  • CARBOPLATIN (Paraplatin ® ) - Alkylating Agents - Metal Salts 
  • PACLITAXEL [ Taxol ® Onxal ® ] - Plant alkaloid - Taxanes

DAILY USE - to manage the side effects

  • ACYCLOVIR (200 MG) - Started on 8/8/2019 10 ML 5 X per day for 7 days for infections in mouth via tube 10 ML2 X per from then on For mouth sores
  • DIFLUCAN (FLUCONAZOLE) 100 MG Take 1 x  13 days 
  • HYDROCORTISONE CREAM - CALENDULA 3 x for skin support in radiated area 
  • 1 X 3 per day for muscle relaxant via tube 
  • CARAFATE 10 mil X 4 per day Mouth rinse for mouth sores 
  • DEXAMETHASONE (STEROID) 4 MG 2 per day to boost recovery from mouth and throat sores 
  • HYDROXYZINE (ANTIHISTEMINE) 1 x 4 per day Open up the Ear Nose and Throat passages 

AS NEEDED - to manage the side effects

  • COMPOZINE (PROCHLORPERAZINE) 10 MG 1 x 4 per day for mild nausea 
  • OMEPRAZOLE 20 MG 1 per day for Acid Reflux 
  • MIRACLE MOUTHWASH - 1 part LIDOCAINE - VISCOUS Pain killer that WERKS!!!! - 1 part BENEDRYL - 1 part MALLOX To numb, coat and relieve pain in mouth and throat 
  • ONDANSETRON 8 MG 1 x 8 hours for severe nausea 
  • HYDROCODIZONE/ACETAMINOPHEN  10 ml x 4 hours for pain For severe throat pain 
  • XYLIMELTS (Over the Counter) for dry mouth 
  • THROAT LOZENGES (Over the Counter) 
  • BENADRYL LIQUID (Over the Counter) 
  • STOOL SOFTENER (Over the Counter)


Thems a lot of drugs to me.

Let me drop a serious, hard emphasis here!

I am a fully certified, self-proclaimed WIMP… weenie boy extraordinaire when it comes to pain.

Remember the post about the Squatty Potty coming to my rescue?

THAT SHIT HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was in tears during part of that episode, an extremely salty rock & roll drummer over the entire event.  I know how to manage constipation now. “So I got that goin’ for me, which is nice.” (Carl, the assistant greens keeper on “The Caddy Shack”).

The one thing that cramps my cranium?

Only two of the drugs on this list actually attack the cancer itself.  Everything else is for the side effects. Now... add in all the drugs used during the first surgery and overnight stay, the two same-day surgeries to install the port and the Notorious P E G, and the pregame medicines that go in right before the two chemo drugs!!!

That seems like a ton of drugs for a mild & crazy beer, wine, and coffee imbibing rock & roll drummer.

I think it is safe to say that when Diag Day unexpectedly pops up on your radar,  prepare yourself to enter a world of drugs that will dominate your time. Which reminds me… it is time to get my next fix!!!  


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