The Drummer's Efforts to Support Celebrant Singers

I was looking for opportunities to play drums with a group in Visalia.  Unexpectedly, Melissa from Celebrant Singers responded to the Craigslist posting, asking if I would be interested in be a part of Celebrant Singers’ outreach team… as a drummer!     

Celebrant Singers’ is in its 40th year of taking the gospel of Christ to America and around the globe, and I will support the Peru team in July and August.  Ministry and music are coupled together to proclaim God’s glory, His message, and His blessings.  Our journey begins on July 23.  We will share His message in California while traveling to Los Angeles to fly to Peru.  We will meet up at the Fox Theater in Visalia, California for our final performance with the other Celebrant Singer Team that is already proclaiming the message throughout the US. 

Wendy and I are not in a position to fund this journey on our own… today!  We have faith, prayers, and the generosity of you who share our passion for bringing God’s word to people that may not hear of His love and promises.  It takes $3,000 for each team member to partake in this labor of love and service.  We are persuaded that this amount can be reached in short order.   

We seek your help!  Will you support this drummer’s missionary endeavor?   

Please offer your support and bless this outreach effort with your prayers, your donation, or both. 

You can go online to make a donation at 

  • Select “Support a Celebrant” 
  • Enter “Eric Anderson” 
  • Hit the donate button to provide the information requested. 
  • Also, check the history of this combination of ministry and music… in Visalia, California!!! 
  • A lot of small contributions lighten the burden for all involved, and are 100% tax deductible 
  • Lastly… every donation is 100% tax deductible 

  God will accomplish great things through His servants in Peru.  He blesses us daily with the gift of music and inspires us to bless others with his gift.  Thank you very much for being our partner in the gospel… taking His message, blessings, and gifts to people in America and Peru. 

Your faithful servant.... 

Eric Anderson (The Drummer) 

P.S.  You can send a check to the following address if you are not comfortable with making an online donation.  Please make sure to write my name on the “For” or “Memo” line of your check 

Celebrant Singers 

P.O. Box 1416 

Visalia, California 93279 


“That’s my rumor, and I’m sticking to it!”

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