The Drummer's Understanding of Cancer

Biology class was in session many years ago. I took the class cuz it was a requirement to graduate high school. I played the school's silly little game, correctly answered enough questions, and graduated in amazingly average style.  I was the pinnacle of mediocrity back in the day. I am pretty sure I dumped every piece of biology information before graduation day. Imagine what it is like to return to this subject all these years later to understand cancer. I can only say I understand the difference between healthy and cancerous cells, but not much more

Healthy cells know their limits and stay within them. This is known as “contact inhibition.” When a cell comes in contact with another cell, it holds its position thus maintaining the ordered structure of the tissue in question. Though there are numerous cell types, they all behave in this same fashion. Unless they're cancer cells.  

Cancer cells do not recognize or acknowledge “contact inhibition.” They run roughshod over healthy cells like a bull in a china shop, and disrupt the natural order of cellular operations. Even worse, they to grow much faster than healthy cells, take longer to die, and mutate when left unchecked.  

Yes folks… this is completely over simplified. I am sure I'll learn more of the hows and whys of cancer over the next seven to eight weeks. Reading about cancer quickly puts my drummer mind at hull-crush depth... like a submarine that has gone beyond its depth limit. I feel my brain creak and groan from all the mental compression caused by the amount of in-depth information about cancer. The biology class was the last time I felt that much pressure on the mind.   

Tomorrow brings a new opportunity to learn more about the differences between healthy and cancerous cells. Also there is more to know about chemotherapy: practical application and experience will be my informants. 

Do you have a blue-collar explanation of cancer?  I’d love to hear it. 

Enjoy today, while it is called Today.  There is no guarantee we will get this day’s full 24 hours.  Make the most of it while you can!!! 


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