The Elements of the Foundation

You ever learn about foundations?  There is a lot that goes into them: engineering, time, materials, man-hours, etc.  Why all the effort?  Because it is a one-and-done project, and it must remain solid and reliable for decades to come.  

Ponder the critical elements of your life's foundation. Is your foundation solid and reliable?

Don't be surprised when you discover the elements are interwoven and inseparable... like the elements of a concrete slab!

The three elements of my life's foundation are God, Health, and Wealth.  They support my life; both enabling and inspiring me to forge ahead.  They are truly interwoven and inseparable, and work together, in unison, to form a solid base that is very comfortable to stand on.

Please join in:  Ponder... Discover... Decide...  Design a foundation to stand firmly on as you forge ahead in life.

Which element should we dig into first?

Share the elements of your foundation in the comments, and share this with those who are interested in such stuff.

"That's My Rumor, and I'm Sticking To It!"   


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