The Notorious P.E.G.!!!

Finally… it is in place.  The Notorious Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy tube (known as the peg tube or feeding tube) is open for business, and BIDNEZ IS GOOD!!!!! 

This past weekend was hard on both me and my Wendy. 

The side effects of radiation took over by Friday afternoon: sores in the mouth, saliva had become thick and stringy, sense of taste had changed, major difficulty swallowing, and a highly sensitive gag reflex all ganged up on me.   

I could not take medicines of any kind by mouth, either because the volume was too much or because the taste or texture induced an immediate gag response.  So… I suffered along with the pain of it all, eagerly waiting for Monday to arrive.   

My Wendy watched as my misery found new lows.  I think it was the worst she’s ever seen me.  She made things to eat, but the side effects were having none of it.  Beef and chicken broth, Gatorade, and apple sauce was the menu. Each of these things would take a lot of sips and a lot of time to consume.  Never did my stomach reach the point of contentment or that sense of being full. 

The peg tube was installed yesterday morning, I had radiation treatment early in the afternoon, then a visit to the good ship Chemo for the doctor to write the prescription for the elixir of pain killer.  I felt like a zombie for most of the day, but I was a zombie that rocked some Animal and Kermit the Frog Swag. We even gave away more socks too!!! 

My Wendy, the Elixir, and I finally got home so we could test out the peg tube.  It is a very simple device that allows us to dump liquids directly in my stomach.  The Elixir (followed by a little water to purge the line) went into the stomach without a problem.  Pain relief arrived shortly thereafter, and I no longer felt like a Swag rocking zombie. 

Today (Tuesday) is “Doctor Day:” the day each oncologist reviews the treatment plan with us.  We’ll address the remedies for the side effects now that there’s a means of distributing the medicines while I am at home. 

This was the first time I have eagerly looked forward to Monday’s arrival in a long time.  The first 12 hours with the peg tube have restored me to a level of comfort I can enjoy as I continue forward with cancer treatment.  My Wendy is very relieved as well cuz I can stay hydrated and well nourished.   


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