The Seeds of Positive Vibes and Happiness!!!

These Are The Seeds!!!

The journey of 1,000 socks started 18 months ago.  Socks intrigued students during the Buckets and Sticks sessions.  The students would show up at the schools, eager to show the Swag they were rocking, and to find out who had better sock game... me or them! The socks gave us all a little something to look forward too each week. 

The Unwanted Detour Tour officially started 10 weeks ago.  It did not take long for medical staff members to become intrigued by the Swag I was rocking, but I wasn’t aware of the curiosities until treatment started four weeks ago.  That first week of immersion into the world and culture of those who serve the cancer ridden was the beginning of “Sock Swag.” That’s when I realized I wanted to show my respect and appreciation for those who committed to be in this space, willingly serving me and others who are stricken with cancer.  Such servants were curious about the socks I was rocking. It made sense to invite them into my World of Socks while I’m in their world of cancer. None of us imagined what would happen over the following four weeks. Between my Wendy and I, we are continually blown away by the generosity and Swag support we’ve received from family and friends.

The socks in that five gallon bucket came to us from family and friends from around the nation.  We know Amazon is the way a lot of people shop and ship the socks, and that some people went to a store and scrounged the shelves.  Either way, that is not a lot of time and resources invested in Sock Swag. BUT… 

The socks shared (with little to no effort) are seeds.  Those seeds continually grow into the positive vibes that are covering the oncology centers my Wendy and I must visit until my cancer treatment plans have run their courses.  The fruit that comes from the labor of shopping are the smiles and excitement that overwhelm both oncology staffs and the patients they serve. 

Please read the previous blog.  Listen to the nurse’s comments about the way socks are changing the patients and the vibe on the passenger deck of the good ship Chemo.  All that is happening because of all who shared some Swag, the seeds Wendy and I are privileged to plant each time we visit the good ship Chemo and the Radiation Station. 

My Wendy and I do our parts to keep the Sock Swag going and growing.  We just ask that all who provided the seeds to know and take credit for the big part your small efforts played up to this point.  The socks you share are the seeds that bring forth the positive vibes and smiles that is Sock Swag. Like seeds, your efforts may be small.  But… look at the massive impact that is achieved from such small efforts!!!  

My Wendy and I genuinely appreciate the seeds you gave us to plant.  Let’s see how this continues to grow!!! 


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