The Sock Swag Project And You!!!

July 15, 2019 was the first day of radiation treatment.

July 16, 2019 was the birth of the Sock Swag Project though we did not realize what was happening at the time.  My Wendy and I knew we were going to honor, respect, and appreciate those who serve us reluctant participants in the cancer space.  Our nurses and technicians aboard the Good Ship Chemo and at the Radiation Station impressed in the beginning and continue to impress us to his day.

Sock Swag was and still is a simple way of showing honor, respect, and appreciation.  However, there is one little hang up that’s occurred and My Wendy and I are asking for a lot of help here.

The hang up?

Sock Swag is stuck in Visalia, California.  It is where we live and where I receive treatment.  But it should not be geographically restricted. Thus the Sock Swag Project has begun…

The Sock Swag Facebook page is up and running… the page of the Sock Swag ProjectOur big goal is to see Sock Swag on the feet of every nurse, technician, and doctor that chooses to serve us reluctant participants in the cancer space.  A subordinate goal is to cover the feet of every cancer patient too.

The Sock Swag Project page is geared toward sharing the blueprint we stumbled into so others around the world can do something similar to cover all those feet with some serious Swag of the Sock persuasion.  We want the momentum to continue building up, and prefer that it grow at your home town’s Good Ship Chemo and Radiation Stations. We’re covering Visalia!

My Wendy and I were amazingly blessed by family and friends that watched us and asked “where can we send the socks too.”  I’d say we received socks from 20 - 25 people and organizations, have shared more than 400 pairs of Swag, and the socks just keep on coming to this day.  As you can see, the momentum was built by a lot of people, not just us two.

Please check out the stories and insights on Sock Swag for ideas and tips you can easily work into your weekly life.  It was amazingly easy for us to start cuz all our appointments took us straight to the people we wanted to honor, respect, and appreciate… nurses, technicians, doctors, and our brothers and sisters in cancer.  All we needed was the socks. We shopped local and Amazon, and family and friends from around the nation contributed as they saw fit. That’s all the effort that went into it… we’re Super-Duper Serial!!!

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Please become a part of Sock Swag Project… help us cover them feets around the world!!!


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