Today Is Sock Swag Delivery Day!!!

We got more Sock Swag to share!!!

Things are different now, and the time to demonstrate commitment is upon us.

It is very easy to give away some Sock Swag when your daily and weekly schedules take you to the Radiation Station and the Good Ship Chemo.  Things change when treatments are done, and the daily and weekly visits are no longer on the calendar.

Now is the time to set up a schedule to make sure the nurses, techs, and patients in the cancer space receive some of that quality footwear.

One thing I need to do is invite my brothers and sisters in cancer to get involved as they travel through the cancer space as I have done.

This whole Sock Swag Project is uncharted water for me.  It is important to me… important enough for me to realize it is time to get beyond myself and do what is needed to reach the goal of all them feet covered in Sock Swag on July 16 of each year.  As of today, this goal is mine and mine alone. I look forward to seeing more people jumping aboard to bring this annual goal to “fruition” (I just wanted to use that word!).

Remember… there is a big difference between us Reluctant Participants who are (or were) in the cancer space out of necessity and those nurses, techs, and doctors that CHOOSE to be in that space with us Reluctant Participants.  Let’s show them some love, respect and appreciation for their decisions to be and the space, and for doing their jobs in amazing ways.


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