Tracking the Body's Reaction to Cancer Treatment

Sock Swag and the Sock Game are amazing distractions.  Believe me, there is a lot less time and effort that goes into the Swag and the Game than goes into monitoring the body’s performance and reaction to treatments.  The doctors need to know how I am reacting to the radiation, chemo, and other drugs issued to counteract the side effects. I have probably spent more time monitoring body performance in the last week than I have over the rest of my life.   

Both oncologists and their teams are interested in the physical, emotional, and mental state of my being.  The treatments will tweak body performance: saliva glands will stop functioning, skin redness and irritation may occur, weight may drop, etc.  The list of possible side effects is pretty long, and I am not trying to memorize them all. I document all the tweaks that come up, and store the information on the cloud.  Dry throat, redness of skin, and weird sensations in the mouth are tweaks I’m living with this week. I expect these to intensify as new tweaks start to pop up over the following weeks of treatment.  It does not stop at the body performance. There is other stuff to monitor, like what goes in and what comes out of the body. 

Food!  What am I eating?  My Wendy and I do our best to keep things on the healthy side.  No chips and salsa, no beers, no coffee: we’ll not mourn their absence at this time.  We focus on getting in 100 ounces of liquid in each day. I am a fan of good hydration and so are the doctors.  This might be the difference maker. Good hydration helps to flush everything out of the system. It also facilitates other types of purges. 

I will spare you all the details.  Suffice it to say, what comes out (its consistency too) and the route of exit gets documented too.  Nuff said, alright? Next!!!! 

All this information is valuable to the oncologists.  This information will be combined with the information they gather on Chemo day.  They will draw blood to determine how much abuse my body can take for the week. Through the blood work, they’ll check the state of all the major organs too.  Both the information I provide and what they gather will inform the decisions they make regarding my treatment each week. 

This is daily life these days because of cancer treatment.  It feels like it can take over my life. That is why I have the document on the cloud: I always have my phone and it is easy to document things as they occur or get noticed.  This way I do not need to remember everything… just open the document and let the doctors and staff read to their heart's content.   

Believe me… Sock Swag and the Sock Game are wonderful distractions from the norm.  I’m already looking forward to the next great distraction! 


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