Turning The Blog’s Attention Towards Sock Swag

I drew a complete blank yesterday… could not come up with something to write about.  I thunk about it a lot and drew a blank each time… I realized there is not much left to write about regarding my time in the cancer space.

I am feeling good over all.  All treatment is done, and the recovery is steadily moving along.  I’m going drug free to determine the significance of the side effects.  The plan is to go as natural and holistic as possible from this point forward.  There may be some additional insights and perspectives on the recovery in future post.  However, it is time to shift the focus to Sock Swag and its ongoing activities.

There are three places I visited this week: Bryson Cancer Center, the Chemotherapy floor at Sierra Regional Cancer Center (SRCC), and the Radiation Station at SRCC; all in Visalia, California.  Each place has a basket to fill up with socks each week. I need to place a basket on Kaweah Delta’s 3 South Floor so Sock Swag can start to grow there.

We are maintaining a constant supply of socks to share with the nurses, staff, members, and patients at these locations.  My Wendy and I set up our money so we can buy socks throughout each month. My Wendy is great at shopping and can stretch the dollars out as far as possible.

Those wishing to share Sock Swag for the baskets can do one of two things.  You can send your offers to us and we’ll make sure they reach the baskets, or you are more than welcome to drop off socks at the various locations on your own.  The goal is to get Sock Swag to the baskets. My Wendy and I do care who fills up the baskets.

Lori Scott (my sister), my Wendy and I are running the Sock Swag Project Facebook Page.  We are learning how to tell the Sock Swag story and as we document the journey of the Project’s growth.

The goal is to see the feet of all medical professionals covered in Sock Swag on July 16 of every year.  One day a year when we the people recognize those who willing put themselves in the middle of the misery and suck that is one part of the human experience.  Remember… it is the nurses, technicians, and doctors that CHOOSE to be in this space, whereas reluctant participants like brothers or sisters in cancer are in the cancer space out of necessity.


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