Until You're Told You Have Cancer!

“Go, go, go…” 

“Make the world a better place….” 

Do this, go there, help people, do that, take care of yourself… it never ceases… 

Until you’re told you have cancer!  Then you’re forced to look at everything with a different set of filters on.  

This may be the first time I deliberately put my health above all else.  My Wendy and I have cleared a lot of things off our calendars since we found out I have cancer.  I missed out on four gigs this week alone. I could have played the gigs (cuz I am feeling healthy this week), but made the call last month so the bands could bring in another drummer.  We stay home now and work on small projects around the house that we’ve put off for a long time. 

This time has been a blessing in disguise.  It is the first time since My Wendy and I married that we just spend time together without being pulled to the four corners.  Weekdays are treatment days. Mondays and Thursdays are lesson days. Wendy works through the week and is able to work from home on Tuesdays (chemo and radiation day for me).  We have not added much more to the calendar cuz we never know how bad the side effects will be.   

We love each other and enjoy our time together.  We are taking full advantage of the empty calendars these days.  The first half of 2019 was busy as hell. The second half started off slow because of cancer.   

We do not suggest that you or a loved dive into the cancer space.  It sucks, remember? Though, some Sock Swag could be coming your way if you chose to serve others in the cancer space!!!   

We ask you to look at your calendar when you feel overwhelmed and maxxed out.  Are there some things you can back out of so you can spend time with those you love?  Those who want your continued involvement and participation may not react to kindly to your decision to step away.  Their reactions are not to worry about. Those you live with and those you love are the ones that matter. 

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