What Is Your Foundation

Most of my students hear a version of the following:

"The drummer is the foundation of the ensemble.  The other band members play with a lot more confidence and comfort when the drummer is rock-solid.  Like a house's foundation, nobody pays a lot of attention to the drummer unless there are problems in the drummer's playing."

January is usually a month of reflection for this drummer.  Sometimes it is a month of frustration.  As the January 2017 progresses, "The Foundation" seems to become a more prevalent concept to apply to life.

So... What Foundation is your life built upon?

Think about it and answer the question for yourself.

Future blog entries will reveal the different aspects of the drummer's foundation.  It's been an exciting endeavor thus far. 

Have fun with this one.  

Leave your answer in the comments.  Let us conversate!!!

Share with your friends.  

Let's see where this takes us!

"That's My Rumor, and I'm Sticking To It!"


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