Why Does My Wendy Get Mentioned So Much???

Those in a serious and meaningful relationship know that when one person suffers, they both suffer but in different ways.  That is me and My Wendy. Our relationship is serious and meaningful cuz we legitimately love each other. I have not taken one step along this Unwanted Detour Tour without Wendy at my side.   We hear and see the same things at the appointments. However our experiences are very different. 

I go through the physical part of it the surgery, dental work, and the upcoming cancer treatment.   My Wendy goes through an emotional, mental, and spiritual part that is very different than mine. My Wendy has a front-row seat to everything that is happening.   

My neck’s been sliced open, I had a tube sticking out of my chest, and there was nothing Wendy could do to stop all that.  She will watch me go through all the dental work and deal with any pain that comes from that.  Then, when the cancer treatment starts, she will watch as my body reacts to the radiation and chemotherapy. There might even be times that she will wish she were in my place cuz she does not want to watch me suffer.   

Watching another suffer can be more emotional and mental grief then the suffering itself.  My Wendy will watch everything that happens to me and will be powerless to make the pain and suffering go away.  Think about it… get popped with radiation enough and there’s not much anyone outside of the medical and drug industries can do to alleviate the pain.  That is some of the suffering that awaits My Wendy. But do not think My Wendy is powerless… 

She has been a huge part of my rehab, and will continue to be a huge part of my overall recovery.  She is always thinking of ways to minimize my pain & suffering, and she’s damn good at it too. The food is always tasty… the love is unmistakable… and even when the rolled up newspaper comes out, it is always for my well-being! 

My Wendy has been at my side through all this.  We are experiencing all this for the first time together even though each of our experiences is very different and unique in its own way.  We’ll lean upon each other every step of the way.   

To those who have a Wendy that walks with you every step of the way, you are most fortunate.  Please do not take that person for granted. 

To those who do not have a Wendy, there is a legit sorrow I have for your circumstances.  I wish I had good words to share. 

As before… questions, suggestions, insights and such are always appreciated.  Leave a comment down below or drop me an email. 



  • Curtis
    Curtis NJ
    Very well written!

    Very well written!

  • The Drum Coach... Eric Anderson
    The Drum Coach... Eric Anderson
    Thank you my friend... Writing is a craft I can work on over the short term. I appreciate the encouraging words, my friend

    Thank you my friend... Writing is a craft I can work on over the short term.

    I appreciate the encouraging words, my friend

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