Why Train At The Extremes

I have two sets of DW 9002 pedals set up for the daily training sessions.  They are the same in all but one way… Extremes of Spring Tension!!! 

One extreme is maximum spring tension on both pedals.  It requires the most amount of effort to overcome the tension and drive the beaters. 

The other extreme is minimum spring tension on both pedals.  Virtually no resistance from the pedals so they feel very sloppy in the beginning. 

I love playing at the extremes!!!  They are the worst case scenarios, and they are the best places for legit training.  Think about it… how much worse can it get from these points? The high tension pedals are developing strength while the no tension pedals are improving touch and finesse.  And here is where the fruits of labor and toil have paid off. 

I went to a local coffee shop to learn jazz and bossa nova rhythms and chords on guitar.  Hey… chord progressions are way cool, right? The drummer invited me to to play a few songs on her drum set.  DW 3000 bass drum and hi hat pedals were on the floor. I played three songs with the ensemble. While playing, I remember thinking about how easy the bass drum pedal was to play.  Zero frustration is the best when playing.


during the drive home,

the epiphany broke

It wasn’t those pedals!  It was the daily grind, AT THE EXTREMES, that set up the day’s zero frustration session!!! 

Do the work at the extremes to get the results you are after, and some that you may not expect but will love all the same. 


It is the way to improve at your craft.

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