Why Write About Surviving with Cancer???

There are two main reasons... 

The first may seem obvious: to document the journey of surviving cancer: including the prep work, the planning stage, the treatments, and the recovery from the whole ordeal.  Writing affords the introvert in me to share such thoughts, feelings, and experiences with people without being worn out by those same people. Introverts, you know, the struggle is real!!!  The second reason may not be so apparent. 

I discovered writing can be therapeutic when dealing with a significant issue. I spent a lot of time writing immediately after my ex-wife and I separated and eventually divorced. I wrote each morning for about three consecutive months.  It didn't take long for me to realize that I was working my way through the divorce. I looked at what I did wrong, what she did wrong, and sought to figure out why our marriage failed. 

Mind you… this was not a blame throwing session.  It was learning from the first marriage’s failure so I would not repeat history (those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it).  I learned a couple of simple lessons and will l share them when you ask. 

Those writings were not limited to the divorce.  I dove deep into thoughts and emotions prompted by life’s experiences.  Many a time, an emotion was converted to a thought in written form that I can now be clearly articulate.  These were some amazing times of growth. Writing about the hard or ugly times is good, but should not be limited to such things. 

I returned to writing again in 2017 while on tour with Celebrant Singers.  I started writing the day after we reached Trujillo, Peru, our destination for the tour.  I would get up early, go down into a common area, and write about the previous day's experiences.  Again, like the divorce, it was therapeutic to digest and process the previous day's events.   

The ensemble met interesting people and experienced a culture very different from the United States.  We played in some pretty unique circumstances, like in a church with dirt for a floor. Imagine load in (everyone dragged gear in) and set up, sound check, the performance itself, load out, and board the bus for the next performance.  We repeated this two or three times a day at the beginning of the tour. The pace slowed down at the end of the tour. 

I wrote about the members of the ensemble a lot.  We had two violin playing sisters from Slovenia (simply amazing to listen to their duets), a singer from Guatemala (she was my “Coffee Bro”), a blind bass player that rocked, and other folks from around the States.  It was good to capture the thoughts and experiences with those particular people. One thing is true… it is the challenge that draws people together. 

So… why write about surviving with cancer? 

For the reader, it offers the ability to glimpse into one man's experiences with cancer and everything that comes with it: the emotional, mental, and physical experiences that are in motion. 

For this writer, it is quite therapeutic as it helps keep things in perspective or put things in perspective. 

Readers, what can a writer do to make or keep a Blog interesting? 

Writers, what are some tips or hacks to help a novice improve his craft of writing and storytelling? 

Please offer up tips and suggestions. 

No question is off limits. 

Look forward to reading your comments, my friends 


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