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Eric Anderson is the author of The Daily Doodles,

Music Instructor, Visalia's Drum Coach, & Drummer for 82 Deluxe. 


“The Daily Doodles”  are a series of notes, insights, and or perspectives drawn from God’s Word as I read through one letter or book at a time.  The Doodles are nothing close to biblical commentary, but more along the lines of putting things in perspective as we live for God in Christ Jesus.  Please add your name to the email list to receive The Daily Doodles if you are interested.  I guarantee you will not receive spam emails... only The Doodles!!! 

Two Charter Schools, Blue Oak Academy and Sycamore Valley Academy, invited me to return for a second year as the Percussion Instructor and resident sound guy!  The schools' band programs are just getting started.  The Band Director and I are very excited about starting a drum line at each school!!!  This year will be all about setting a firm foundation we can build on for years to come.

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Musicians that receive private instruction from the Drum Coach discover some of the better kept secrets about playing drums.  They learn the simplicity of rhythmic structure and realize they can create their beats and rhythms once they start playing a few of the more basic drum set rhythms.  Students receive focused attention on the way they play: technique is dissected, tweaked and improved as needed to enable the musicians to reach their own goals!  

82 Deluxe is the band I play drum with.  The band plays country, rockabilly, and the occasional Rock-N-Roll song throughout California's Central Valley and Beyond!!! 

 "That's my rumor and I'm sticking to it"