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Training Drummers to Excel On The Stage & Field, and In The Studio

Eric Anderson is Visalia's Drum Coach. 


Eric is building The "Library of Rhythms" video series.  This series reveals how drum set rhythms are played.  Current and past access these videos to learn more beats to add to their collection of rhythms.

He uses the "Grid Grooves" and "Abacus Rhythm Training" Systems to improve each musician’s sight reading ability, independence and dexterity, and collection of rhythms and beats. 

Eric also stays busy as the drummer with 82 Deluxe

Buckets and Sticks is one thing Eric continues to give to his community.   

He shares the fun at Blue Oak Academy each week and has led Bucket Sessions at Traver Elementary, Happy Trails Riding Academy, Villa de Guadalupe Apartments, and the occasional Rotary club meeting!   

Please ask for more information about this fun experience!!!

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