About The Coach....

Musicians need a music coach instead of a teacher: that person who prepares them to thrive and excel in the world of music. 


They want someone who plays the game; knows the instrument; and continually studies the art, craft, and science of music.   


Each musician on Eric’s roster learns to play the drum set with the Grid Grooves  and Abacus Rhythm Training systems to improve sight reading, develop independence, and add even more rhythmic ideas to their beats.   

The Coach even takes Buckets and Sticks to various schools and community events to share the fun of drumming and rhythms with the students. There is room on the roster for you too!!! 

The Drum Coach is on the field of play as a musician and performing artist with various cover bands and original projects.  Check out the Coach’s Gigs to see where he is playing next.  He even traveled to Peru as the Celebrant Singers drummer to share God's message through music in August 2017.   

Eric has been an active member of Rotary International since January 2012, and currently serves as a member of District Youth Exchange Committee!!! 

Finally, Eric started teaching and playing drums full time once he retired from 26 years of active service in the United States Air Force.  The first 21 years were spent as a Crew Chief, working on airplanes like KC-135s, E-4s, and B-1B bombers; the remaining five years he served as a Leadership and Management class instructor at the Air Force Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Academy.  He played throughout his career, but playing remained subordinate to his commitment to family, flight line, classroom, and country (MeriCa!!!).   Now that his years of faithful service have ended and his children are grown, he has returned to the passions of his youth that continue to excite him and offer more avenues of service to bands, students, and the community at large to this very day!

The Drum Coach